According to The Advocates, one in four schools is a private school. This statistic however doesn’t tell the whole story. Private schools, touting their small student-to-teacher ratio, so private schools have a smaller proportion of only 9% of students being educated, according to Ballotpedia. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why the popularity of local private schools has grown.

Smaller Class Sizes

Smaller classes are almost always the reason why parents first consider a private school for their kids. The smaller classes in these institutions are afforded by higher budgets for teachers, which allows the schools to hire more and more specialized teachers than their counterparts in the public sector. The individualized attention in a smaller setting shows that average private school students have significantly higher proficiency levels in reading and mathematics on multiple testing axes, which creates an environment where each student not only is encouraged to learn but to show what they know.

Parental Involvement

Private schools attract parents for one reason: They care about their children’s future. At local private institutions, you get a higher-quality education and similar athletic and extracurricular opportunities to public schools in an environment that encourages students to take full advantage of their strengths. A private school can be tuned to every student’s particular strengths, from arts to athletics.

High Graduation Rates

Local private schools offer graduation rates well above the national average. Private school students average a 5% higher rate of graduation than public school students and are 1.5% more likely to apply for post-secondary education, according to the Wendell Cox Consultancy. This can be attributed to the small class sizes and parental involvement that private schools are known for, which can give students the chance to excel in a highly competitive environment.

There are many advantages to enrolling your child in private institutions, especially if they’re looking to be leaders in the next generation. If you are looking for a private school for your kids, then reach out and begin the conversation today.