Many parents are choosing private school education to teach their children the necessary skills for an ever-changing world. You could be wondering how much is a private school in Miami but first, it’s important to know what makes parents choose private education over other school options. Here are some reasons why parents choose to give their children the unique experience of private school and why it’s worth the investment.

A safe environment

Private schools are known for having high standards in their values, including discipline and respect. Research shows that around 72% of parents surveyed with children in private schools strongly agreed that their school was safe, which greatly improves the quality of the child’s educational experience. This is due to various factors including the more effective observation and control of school grounds thanks to smaller class sizes.

Community environment

Parents with children in the private school system believe their school’s environment is inspiring, supportive, and nurturing. These qualities make them decide to invest in a private school and put the question of how much is a private school in Miami for later. The sense of community makes children and parents create lasting friendships and a sense of a big family around the school. Another great benefit of a community environment is the strong sense of pride that is often instilled in private school alumni. This allows the creation of rich networking opportunities upon entering the workforce. This is sometimes especially true in faith-based schools, such as Catholic schools.

Extracurricular activities

Most private schools prioritize academics, but many also place a strong focus on encouraging participation in extracurricular activities (sports, music, arts, or clubs). Extracurricular activities can provide a break from the stresses of academics, help develop skills, and stimulate students in their studies, thus keeping them more focused. Research shows that students involved in extracurricular activities are more motivated to learn and are three times more likely to win a school attendance award. Although the average tuition cost of a private school in Miami, which is $14,626, is higher than the Florida private school average tuition of $9,601, parents still choose to enroll their children in private education due to the extracurricular programs they offer.

These are just some characteristics of private schools that make parents choose this type of education over others. For parents wondering how much is a private school in Miami, it is important to also consider the long-term investment that this will bring for your children and family. Private schools go beyond offering the mandatory subjects and through their unique values help form many leaders in politics, business, and society.