Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the curriculum in the best private schools, not just an extra program. Research at Stanford University demonstrated that students involved in extracurricular activities such as soccer, arts, music, chess, and drama are more motivated to learn. Although academics are a priority for parents, these activities are also part of a well-rounded education as it encourages students to explore their talents and express themselves. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of extracurricular activities.

1) The opportunity to succeed

Extracurricular programs are delivered by specialized teachers and skilled staff who are able to provide personalized support and help every talented student reach their potential. Evidence has shown that pupils who benefited from extracurricular sessions at school have achieved success in things like getting scholarships and attending Ivy League schools.

2) Enhances positive habits

Extracurricular activities at the best private schools help kids develop positive habits such as time management skills, routines, discipline, and community involvement, to mention a few. This helps them stead them well throughout their lives and contributes to their general well-being.

3) Improves mental health

Adolescents who participate in extracurricular activities tend to demonstrate higher levels of satisfaction with life and optimism and lower levels of depression and anxiety. This is because extracurricular activities give them a sense of belonging and boost their self-esteem as they are doing something they love and enjoy. This contributes to their mental and psychosocial health.

Parents who send their kids to the best private schools want them to get the best and most out of it. Extracurricular activities allow children to find their passions and talents. It is also true that students involved in these activities tend to get better grades and are more likely to succeed when it comes to college admissions or job searches. A child that integrates academics with extracurricular activities will be well-prepared for the future.