Are you looking for new ways on How to Increase Enrollment in Private Schools? It is now news that parents are always looking for schools to send their children to. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation states that 60% of parents change their current childcare arrangement within the next year. Therefore it’s important to find ways to make those parents come your way. Here are XX ways to boost enrollment in 2021.

1. Have a high-quality website

One of the best ways to increase the enrollment of a school or preschool is to have a professional website. This not only helps create a great first impression but also gives your prospective families a glimpse into the school’s values, curriculum, staff, alumni, etc. Make sure your website has photos of your facilities, program offerings, and staff profiles with their pictures. Other things to consider in your website are having a blog, a virtual tour or video of the institution, a contact page, and education news. The results of a top-notch online presence will be noticeable in your business too.

2. Know what makes you different

When it comes to learning How to Increase Enrollment in Private Schools, it’s important to clearly define what makes you different from others. Recognize what makes your school unique and highlight it! Communicate this information to parents, don’t assume they know. Tell stories about the lives of students and families who are being impacted by your school community.

3. Use the parent community as a resource

Increasing enrollment is challenging especially if you’re not relying on other resources like the parent community. Creating a referral program can work as an incentive to make referring parents to your school. Parents love saving money, perhaps offering a discount on school fees or winning a reward can help. Hold regular family events to showcase children’s activities and also to get to know parents better. Many of your families may be first-time parents and will be glad you help them connect with other parents.

4. Open your doors regularly

Last but not least, is to offer weekly tours and frequent open houses. The more people visit your school and peek inside, the more people will know about it, the more they’ll spread the word, and the more potential new parents you’ll have. Be sure tours demonstrate to prospective families your high-quality teachers and staff, programs in action, classrooms, and other areas like the playground or art room.

Learning How to Increase Enrollment in Private Schools is a task that takes time. It’s important to always communicate with parents and use other resources like websites and social media to reach potential new parents. Have monthly activities planned with the purpose of increasing enrollment and you’ll be surprised at the number of new parents that will join your school.