Parents must make a lot of decisions for their children as they grow up, but picking the right school is one of the most important ones. Should they choose a private or public school? According to the Advocate, 10% of children attend a private school. Here’s why you should strongly think about looking for the best private schools in your area.

Small Class Sizes

Public schools tend to have larger enrollments, which then leads to large class sizes. Your child can feel lost in a larger classroom. Private schools are smaller, which means that each class will have fewer people in them. That way, the teacher will be able to give more individual attention. The children will have a better chance of forming lasting friendships in these smaller classrooms.

Independent Funding

A public school is dependent on the state’s budget. That can mean that they are underfunded. A private school is funded by tuition and other things like donations from alumni. That way, they can use that money to ensure that they have the best equipment and learning environment for their students.

Educational Freedom

Public schools are funded by the state, which means that they must follow regulations that the lawmakers set in place. The best private schools, since they are independently funded, don’t have those restrictions. While they do have to meet some basic criteria, they can offer a variety of classes that a public school might not be able to.

There are other benefits of going to a private school; they tend to hire the best teachers out of college, the students are more likely to do better on standardized tests, and the private schools, thanks to their funding, can offer a lot more afterschool programs, which can enrich the children.

Parents face a lot of different circumstances when they are picking a school for their child, like the location, and their budget. Private schools often offer financial aid, which can help those who might not be able to otherwise afford it. Doing all the necessary research beforehand can help them make the right decision. Then they can enjoy watching their child thrive.

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