As a preschool owner, administrator, or teacher, you have to keep kids and ultimately their parents or families happy. Keeping parents happy is not only about a high education level, it goes far beyond. It is important to create a successful family engagement for parents to keep loving your school and even spread the word or refer to other families about it. A reputation for keeping parents at peace and building relationships with families is key in how to attract parents to a preschool. Here are some tips to keep preschool parents content.

Develop strong channels of communication

From daily check-ins to monthly newsletters, parents want to hear from you as much as possible. This translates into them feeling appreciated and taken care of. After all, parents are the clients of your school and a good customer relationship begins with constant communication. Prepare parent-teacher conferences at least twice a year, share news about what is going on in the school, post photos to show what’s happening in the classroom, etc. Strong communication also means being open to parents when they reach out to you.

Invite frequent family participation

Some families have the flexibility to participate in school events, but some don’t, and they shouldn’t feel ashamed of it. Holding a few school-wide events is a great way to get your families together and show off the community you’re building. There are many activities that can nourish family participation such as having a movie or cookout day, hosting a massive charity event to help a local organization, holding a family talent show, etc. These activities are important when seeking how to attract parents to a preschool as well.

Make your families feel welcome all the time

Encourage parents to come and visit the school and make them feel like the doors are always open. You can make them feel welcomed by having a day where they can have lunch with their child or read a book at circle time. Make sure teachers and administrative staff have a good attitude toward parents, answer phone calls or emails on time, and even call them from time to time just to know if everything is going on well. Parents love to feel welcomed in the preschool where their child spends most of the time.

In order to keep preschool parents at peace, there are many things you can do. Daily checkups, communication, events, and listening to their needs are great ways to maintain the relationship with them and their happiness. This is also an easy way on how to attract parents to a preschool too.