If you’re considering private school education for your child, you have several options to consider. According to U.S. News, as of 2021, there were over 30,000 individual private schools in the United States. One of the many things that come with such an education includes access to bilingual learning. So why would your child benefit from being bilingual? If you’re unsure of the benefits of going beyond your native language, read on for more information.

1. Can Improve Cognition

According to Very Well Health, you don’t have to be fluent in a second language to see improvement in your cognitive flexibility. So, when your child learns another language, they’re setting themselves up to better acquire information in general. In other words, the cognitive strength that comes from being a second language learner can transition into better reading or math skills and a greater attention span.

2. Higher Proficiency

Once your child has mastered a second language in private school, it’ll be easier to learn a third and possibly more. Most languages are part of a linguistic family, so to speak. For example, the Romance languages include Italian, Spanish, and French. English is classified as Germanic because it’s derived from, yes, you guessed it, German. So if your child learns Spanish well, they may quickly pick up on Italian and French much faster than they would have beforehand.

3. Have a Better College Experience

It’s no secret that getting into college can be very competitive, especially when aiming for a top school such as one in the Ivy League. Being bilingual or trilingual can make a college application stand out. In addition, it’ll also give your child access to opportunities such as studying abroad for a year or more. With strong foreign language skills, a student may feel comfortable enough applying for a degree in another country, which can not only save money but may even be a free education.

Being able to speak a second language goes beyond being able to show off. This ability can give your child an opportunity for more career prospects, an advanced education, a cheap or free degree, and then some. If you wish to know more about bilingual programs in your area, use our site to locate one perfect for your child.